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Manual grinding
Grinding discs
For the grinding of surfaces and edges of steel, iron and inox as well as aluminium. Contrary to the cutting discs these discs are thought to be used for grinding and are especially reinforced for this pupose.
Flap discs
Flap discs are specially adapted for surface grinding. In comparison to grinding discs which are also applicable for this grinding process, flap discs adapt more easily to the surface and are more stable, swing less during the grinding process and have a better surface pattern. 
Cup wheels

For rough abrasion and grinding of stone, steel and cast iron with mobile angle grinders. Conical cup wheels are avaliable in the type 011 or 11Z and the straight version as 006 and 06Z.

06Z and 11Z.... with claw insert with steel nut 

006 and 011 ... with bore hole 22,2 mm