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Coated abrasives

Coated belts are used for machinery application on steel, niro, cast iron, stone, wood, synthetic materials and leader. Depending on the machine and on the application the optimal dimension and specification will be recommended to you. 


Abrasive grains like circonium or aluminiumoxide applicated on carrier material as paper or fibre are used in the production industry as well as a raw material for grinding paper, belts etc. There are rolls avaliable for all kind of applications - from cast iron treatment industry to cosmetic indutry component supplier.

Flap wheels

Flap wheels - resin bonded corundum grains on radially placed, slotted grinding-fleece flaps on a nylon bush - are used on bench grinders for the treatment of steel, non-ferrous metals (inox) aluminium, wood ans synthetic meterials. They are recommended for the treatment of heat-sensitive and delicate items in particular for uneven surfaces due to the high flexibility of the brushes. Depending on the application, flap brushes are avaliable in different dimensions and specifications. 


For the grinding of metal, wood, pint, lacquer and filling compounds especially for the automotive maintainance and repair industry  (limited application: glas, stone, synthetic material) - resin bond, SIC

Backing pads - sponge rubber

For the fixation of selfadhesive flexible grinding discs - plastic support wheel with steel nut M14. Avaliable with velcro fastener for quick change or self adhesive discs. The cellular rubber with vinyl cover avoid high pressure on the work piece and enables optimal grinding of rounded surfaces. 

Fibre discs

Fibre discs - zirconium on fibre with resin multi-bond - are used on angle grinders for the treatment of rounded surfaces of iron and steel, stone and concrete.